My name is Wanda Griffith, I am the author of Secret’s Revealed, The Best Of Both Worlds.  I am the mother of three wonderful young men.  Irvin Grant Jr. Clinton Samuel Grant, and Jefferson Bodison.  I have a wonderful love of my life, and his children.  I am the member of Canaan Baptist Church, where Reverend Harry Jenkins and Doris Jenkins are the pastors.  I have enjoyed writing since my Composition I class at USC Salk. in Walterboro.  I also attended the Holy Spirit School of Ministry  located in Walterboro, under the leadership of Pastor Memminger, for about 2 and a half years.  I was told my several teachers that I have a special anointing for writing and was often ask to read my essays and reports to the class.  I will always credit my teachers like Sister Linda Bootle, Sister Shark, and several others for encouraging me to write.  I have 179 credits hours toward my BS degree in Business Administration that I received from Kaplan University in Boca Raton FL.  I love reading, mostly love stories and I write a daily journal.  This is what inspired me to write this book.  The story is true.  It is about a woman name Re Griffith who was desperate for answers to life problems that she faced.  She was depressed, and very un-happy in her marriage.  She set-out to find the answers in the church, and she was in for the shock of her life.  The primary purpose of this book is to share her life experiences with her family, friends, and people she love.  The main points cover the results of the decisions she made, and the reader will be able to judge for themselves and see the outcomes.  This book is important and timely because its dealing with real life issues that we are facing today, and it focus on principles that can be used today.  It will appeal to all audiences, regardless of race, gender, age, christains or non-christians.    The autobiography of her life is written in 487,792 words that will uplift and inspire.


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